Writing Tutoring

Does your child flounder when beginning a writing assignment?  Do you help them develop a sentence orally only to have them ask, “What did I just say?” This is because writing is the most complex of academic tasks. It requires the working memory space to juggle multiple concepts at once and then apply them in a distinct sequence. If these skills are not automatic, the juggling act simply collapses.

How We Teach the Components of Writing at Syllables Learning Center

Student receives writing tutoring from Syllables Learning Center.Writing issues are always a result of a deficit in a prerequisite skill area. Once we identify the issues behind your child’s writing difficulties we can help them overcome their obstacles through targeted skill and strategy instruction. We tutor typical learners as well as students with dyslexia, ADHD, working memory deficits, and other learning disabilities.

Syllables Learning Center’s writing tutoring gives students the tools they need to answer the following questions when they write:

  • What am I trying to say? Our students learn to generate ideas and narrow or expand topics.
  • Where do I start? We teach critical executive function skills such as initiation and planning.
  • What words will I use? We strengthen students’ vocabularies so that their writing is meaningful and precise.
  • How do I spell those words? We teach students the rules and methods needed to spell correctly.
  • What do I know about grammar and sentence structure? Our students learn to put the pieces together so that their writing makes sense.
  • How do I make sure the reader understands what I am saying? Our students learn to write logically and clearly.

Syllables provides one-on-one writing tutoring in Alpharetta, Georgia. We also work with students worldwide via video teletherapy.