Study Skills

As students progress through their school years, they must acquire, memorize, process, and use a tremendous amount of information.  Poor school performance can indicate that a student has not learned “how to learn.” Students with dyslexia, ADHD, poor working memory, or other learning differences can have a particularly hard time mastering study skills.

At Syllables Learning Center, we help students of all ages acquire and hone study skills — resulting in successful learning and better grades.

The Components of Good Study Skills

To study efficiently and effectively, students must possess three important skills:

  • Dyslexic student hones his study skills at SyllablesThe ability to acquire knowledge from written materials, along with the ability to discern the relative importance of the content they read and hear
  • The ability to store and organize knowledge in memory and in the notes they take
  • The ability to express knowledge in writing and when taking tests

How We Teach Study Skills at Syllables Learning Center

Traditional tutors, study centers, and written study guides often offer “tips, tricks and habits” as the remedy for study skills.  While tips and tricks are certainly helpful and important, typically they are not enough, particularly for students with dyslexia.

The first thing we do at Syllables Learning Center is to assess where the student’s study skills are breaking down. In most cases, students have an underlying deficit (such as dyslexia, ADHD, working memory deficits, or executive functioning issues) that must be addressed. Students need to learn skills to help themselves so that they don’t need a tutor in every subject year after year.

Students who successfully complete the study skills program at Syllables Learning Center will know how to:

  • Employ test taking strategies in a classroom setting
  • Organize school materials efficiently
  • Find the main idea when reading passages
  • Recognize key supporting details
  • Develop a strategic note-taking system
  • Apply active reading and learning techniques
  • Highlight only important text while reading, and know what to write in the margins
  • Learn, instead of simply cramming and memorizing
  • Paraphrase information clearly and concisely
  • Combine all of the above skills to summarize important information in writing and when taking tests

Syllables students work one-on-one with Therapists at our Metro Atlanta area center in Alpharetta, Georgia, or online via teletherapy.