Orton-Gillingham Math Tutoring

At Syllables Learning Center, Orton-Gillingham math tutoring provides struggling students with the foundation they need for a lifetime of math success.

A student may struggle in math for a number of reasons, including the inability to:

  • understand math concepts
  • move from the concrete to the abstract
  • remember basic math facts
  • apply sequential steps
  • keep up with the pace of classroom instruction

At Syllables Learning Center, we use the Orton-Gillingham multisensory cognitive approach to teaching math for grades K-5. Our hands-on techniques enable students to build their knowledge of abstract math functions.

Student receives math tutoring at SyllablesDuring one-on-one math tutoring, students use manipulatives to help them see, hear, and feel the way a problem needs to be solved. If the student struggles with number sense, we will start them with the most basic of concepts in order to provide a strong foundation. Our games and activities make math fun while building math fact accuracy and speed.

Our math tutoring proceeds in a structured, sequential way to fill in skill gaps while establishing mastery. The result: an independent, successful math student!