Tutoring That Works!

When a child is struggling at school, many parents spring into action and hire a tutor to reinforce classroom work. These well-intentioned parents hope that one-on-one attention and extra time are the magic ingredients that will make schoolwork “click” for their child.

Unfortunately, traditional tutoring does not get to the bottom of learning problems. Simply spending more time on material that a student is struggling with at school does not address the student’s underlying deficits. In other words, more of what’s not working won’t work! 

When traditional tutoring is used instead of addressing the underlying learning issue, parents quickly become frustrated with the drain on their pocketbook and with a child who doesn’t appear to be “applying herself” or “trying hard enough.” The student becomes demoralized – feeling stupid and wondering, “what’s wrong with me?”

So…What’s the Answer?

Syllables tutoring students see resultsStudents who struggle in school often have an underlying deficit that must be remediated.  That deficit may be poor working memory, dyslexia, ADHD, or another learning issue.  At Syllables Learning Center, each of our students receives a comprehensive assessment to determine where they are performing relative to their peers and where their weaknesses lie.

We then go back to basics – teaching students the building blocks of reading that are often bypassed in students who are not lucky enough to be natural readers or math students.  Our therapy actually retrains the pathways of the brain so that each child learns new ways to think and apply themselves.  The student then learns, through impactful multisensory activities, new ways to approach reading, writing, spelling, and math. Syllables provides tutoring that works!

Most children with learning differences have profound strengths. When we remediate their weaknesses, those strengths are allowed to shine, and the child blossoms in new and profound ways.  We are joyous when we see one of our students realize, “I really AM smart after all!”

Our approach to remediation

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