Kim, Parent

My son and I were driving in the car after school and he was so excited about his day. He said, “Mom, I’m really having fun at school, and I’m doing great, and I know a lot – I raise my hand a lot. In math, I was the only one that knew an answer on the board!” So now, I’m filled with tears and I asked him, “What do you think has made such a difference?” He quickly answered with one word, “Syllables!”

Laurie, Parent

Thanks so very much to all of you for the help you gave my son this summer. His progress has been remarkable! Because of your program he will start out this school year with great success. We thank Syllables for the wonderful opportunities they have to offer.

Brittany, Student

I cannot express in words how much I appreciate your help. Your program is genius and your therapists are all wonderful. Your program has certainly impacted my life in so many ways. You gave me the gift of reading and the confidence in my school work, which is priceless.

Annie, Parent

I really want to extend my sincerest thanks in taking your time to meet with me, consult with me on the phone, read my daughter’s info etc., etc. After our meeting, I really had more of an understanding about auditory processing and how Sydney thinks and where her weaknesses lie.

Kristin, Parent

Isabel just advanced to a new reading level and her confidence is sky high! She told me that Syllables is really helping her. Thank you for providing such a great program to our community.

Catherine, Parent

I have shared Kamryn’s results with several friends and their jaws have literally dropped open. It is truly amazing what Kamryn has accomplished in one year. I really have a hard time putting into words my wonderment, astonishment, and just plain gratitude.

Kelly, Parent

How wonderful it would be if every elementary school teacher could use the Syllables method.

The Platt Family

Thanks so much for all of your hard work with Nicholas. Of course, we have seen such a difference in his reading, but more importantly, you all make this work so enjoyable for him…I think that is because of your wonderful staff and your care, concern and sense of fun!

Mike, Parent

Syllables more than lived up to what we hoped for and improved his skills but also has improved his self confidence. We are very grateful.