Syllables Learning Center is pleased to partner with homeschool families in several ways.

Struggling Homeschool Student? Syllables Can Help!

Maybe you’ve successfully taught several of your children, but one of them just doesn’t seem to “get it,” like the others. Perhaps the very reason you are homeschooling is because traditional school didn’t meet your child’s needs. Syllables Learning Center can help!

Reading Assessments

Contact us about low-cost reading assessments, where we will help you determine what is going on. Our compassionate assessment specialists will talk you through what we find and can help you develop a plan. We used nationally normed screening measures, so you can easily understand and share our assessment results. Concerned about math and/or writing too? We can add additional assessments onto our baseline reading screening.

One-On-One Tutoring

Reading, writing, and spelling don’t come naturally to all students. Some children need a specialized approach to fill in the gaps and get them on track. Our reading tutors are experts in working with struggling readers and children with dyslexia, working memory deficits, and attention issues. We also help with math, study skills, and standardized test prep. As a homeschool parent, you are your child’s teacher and advocate. But when a child needs additional help from reading experts, we are ready to partner with you to ensure your child’s success. Ask us about our discounted homeschool rates!

Support for Homeschool Parents

Curriculum and Training

Our teacher training division, Kendore Learning, provides training and curriculum for homeschool parents.

The Kendore Kingdom is a complete, K-2 literacy curriculum that is multisensory, phonics-based and results driven. The Kendore Kingdom is engaging and fun to teach, and comes complete with a scope and sequence, games and activities.

Kendore Learning’s Word Play Vocabulary curriculum (grades 3 – 5) provides a clear and effective methodology for teaching vocabulary. We teach homeschool parents how to incorporate vocabulary activities across the curriculum and explore how to teach morphology as a way to unlock the meaning of thousands of words.

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Multisensory Teaching Materials

Our online store is chock full of games and activities that will bring your homeschool classroom to life! From sand trays to gel boards to our renowned collection of card decks, we have created and curated a collection of multisensory teaching tools that will bring excitement and efficiency into your lessons.

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