Working Memory Checklist

Working Memory ChecklistDoes your child have a working memory problem?  Use this checklist provided by Cogmed Working Memory Training to see if you have reason for concern.

  • Your child has difficulties remembering long instructions or a chain of instructions (e.g. following directions or a recipe).
  • Your child has a hard time staying focused on (school) work if he/she isn’t extremely motivated.
  • Your child has a hard time with problems that require holding information in mind, such as math word problems or mental arithmetic.
  • Your child makes more mistakes than his/her peer group when trying to complete a task in a hurry.
  • Your child often seems to be on the go or hyperactive.
  • Your child has difficulty organizing tasks (e.g. planning the order in which tasks should be done, and knowing how long each will take to complete).
  • Your child has difficulty taking in information in longer sentences, and needs to read it several times to remember and understand content.
  • Your child is very particular – so much so that everything takes a long time.
  • Your child has problems staying with the thread of a conversation or story (both listening and speaking).
  • Your child is often daydreaming in situations when they are expected to listen.
  • Your child has trouble organizing the daily details, such as starting and completing tasks, and arriving to places on time prepared.
  • Your child is easily distracted.
  • Your child is uncertain about time (e.g. has a poor understanding of how long an hour is) or has difficulties being on time.
  • Your child often fidgets and becomes restless or bored in situations that require focus and concentration.

Source:  Cogmed Working Memory Training.

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