The Scoop on Brain Training

Cogmed Working Memory Training Retrains the BrainIs it possible to “train” and improve your brain?  The exciting answer is YES!  At Syllables Reading Center, our curriculum and therapists not only teach students to be better readers, they actually change the existing pathways of students’ brains.  The result is a boost in working memory and improved learning ability for a lifetime.

In the past, scientists believed that brain pathways were fixed. However, extensive research over the last twenty years has debunked this myth; we now know that the brain continues to change and adjust over time. This ability to change is called brain plasticity, or neuroplasticity.

How do we “train” the brain of a struggling reader? 

Re-patterning the brain requires the type of multisensory, systematic instruction we implement at Syllables repeated over time.  Professor Sally Shaywitz of the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity determined that the brain can be rewired to read using the phonological processing centers used by successful readers.

Cogmed Working Memory Training

Another tool we provide is Cogmed Working Memory Training, a computer-based solution for learning and attention problems caused by poor working memory.  The Cogmed training method consists of 25 online sessions lead by a Cogmed Qualified Coach.  It is a rigorous program with proven results improving attention and capacity for learning. Contact us to see if Cogmed Working Memory Training is right for you.